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Blue Mercury


Founded on the goal of creating a more welcoming and personal experience for the beauty shopper, Bluemercury was created as a neighborhood store where clients could find high-quality, innovative beauty products with honest, expert advice. Offering a highly curated and premium product assortment across a range of categories, Bluemercury helps people discover their unique self by shining a light on what makes them wonderfully distinctive. As Bluemercury continues to evolve, it remains committed to its original intent to serve people and embrace its purpose to be the ultimate specialist in the beauty of every individual.

Bluemercury Spa
Escape into the blue with an ultra-personalized spa experience that provides a sensorial escape right in your own neighborhood. Enter a world of beauty catered to you with expert aestheticians ready to empower and educate you, deepening your relationship with beauty. Check out a full list of services by clicking HERE and book your appointment today!

680 North Bank Lane




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